Agricultural Varieties


DT Farms is a grower that produces an average of 8-10 wheat varieties annually.  One way that we continue to be innovative in our farming practices is by growing and researching our own variety test plots.  We practice "in row" fertilizing and split applications for Nitrogen (3) and Fungicides (2).  Seed treatment applications are used as a necessity for germination and emergence.  Additionally our operation works with other companies in raising breeder seed to certified seed.


As a key rotational crop DT Farms will no-till 4-5 soybean varieties annually.  Fertilizer applications consist of potash and following with seed treatments  including inoculants, fungicides and pesticides.  Additionally, we also practice our own research and test plots to maximize harvest yeilds.


As another key rotational crop DT Farms will grow 2-3 varieties of corn annually on both dryland and irrigation systems. We also practice split applications of Nitrogen (2) and fungicides. Zinc and Sulfur are also applied for plant health, promoting higher protein and greater yields.

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