PlainsGold Winter Wheat

Cresent AX 

(Certified Seed Only)

Hard Red Winter Wheat   

Released in 2018, Crescent AX is the newest CoAXium® variety in the PlainsGold lineup with a solid agronomic package and excellent tolerance to Aggressor® herbicide.  

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Our experience with Cresent AX

- Good disease package.

- Very high end yield potential.

- Sandy/ Sandy loam soil types.

- Very early maturity.


(Certified Seed Only)

Hard Red Winter Wheat   

Canvas is a Denali/ Antero//Byrd cross providing strong dryland and leading high moisture performance in agronomics and yield. Stripe and stem rust resistance is excellent with good resistance to WSMV & SBMV.  Canvas stands well under high fertility and moisture, making it a good candidate for intensive management.

Our experience with Canvas

- New for 2021

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