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Kansas Wheat Alliance (KWA)


The White Wheat Champion

This variety from Kansas Wheat Alliance is a hard white wheat with a pedigree consisting of KSU experimental lines related to Trego, Arline, and Jagger. Joe is medium-late maturity, medium tall, with a well-stocked disease package indicating resistance to stripe rust. leaf rust, and wheat streak mosaic virus. It also shows good milling and baking qualities. Joe is a strong variety and high yielder for western Kansas as a white wheat.


  • Resistant to WSMV

  • Resistance to leaf, stripe, and stem rusts


  • Moderately susceptible to head sprouting, somewhat moreso than Danby

  • Susceptible to acidic soils

KWA Larry

Hard Red Winter Wheat

This variety from the Kansas Wheat Alliance tillers high and has good potential for top-end yield under increased management such as a fungicide application in high stress conditions. 
It has also excelled under moderate to fairly intense drought.


  • Good tolerance to acidic soils

  • Resistant to soilborne mosiac


  • Susceptible to leaf rust

Our experience with KWA Larry

Very good disease package. 

Acidic soil tolerant.

Drought tolerant.

High yielding.

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